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Dear Jim,

Thank you for all of your help over the past months and all that you have accomplished to ensure Courtney and Josh's wedding was a magical night to remember!

We have enjoyed our time together throughout the planning process. Your confidence and expertise were always comforting. We will always remember your dedication to our family. We LOVED our amazing wedding night and the memories will never fade away. 

You have been the ultimate professional and have also become a special friend to the Cohen/Garson family. We love you and wish you only happiness and success over the years! 


Debra & Steven

Dear Jim,

Jerry would have really liked you. He would have appreciated your attention to detail, your engaging demeanor, and your sharp clothes. He would have been grateful, just as I am, for the care and the consideration you showed my mother and my family during this challenging time.

And he would have loved the send off you planned. You were tremendous! I hope you get some much needed rest and take with you the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Forever Grateful,

Steve & Charlynn

Dear Jim,

Carson and I just can't stop talking about not how flawless the day went, ut how we truly didn't have to worry about one single thing. And you performed a miracle with the air conditioning! No one has ever responded t our request for cool like you did. Thank you for understanding. When it was all over, we just went to bed. Some may be as good, but no one could do it better than you and your team. 


Kind Regards,


February 27. 2019

Dearest Jim,

What a lovely, magical evening you helped me give Tom! I know that you put professionalism, intensity, talent, vision and your passion for what you do into all of your tasks/events.

I just like to find that you also pour a whole lot of love into ours, and it always shine through. 

We both thank you so much for what you helped so much to create: a magical event!


Kay & Tom

To: Jim Gray

Thank you for planning an amazing party for us.

You made it perfect, easy and so much fun.

You and your team are awesome. 

Betsy & Ed

Much Love,

Dearest Jim,

A belated congratulations on Grayhouse Events' one year anniversary. When you told me you were taking the leap, I had no doubt you would shoot to success faster than any event planning company in Houston ever has. I am honored to be your friend, and will be forever grateful for all your mentorship and friendship that were so invaluable when I was a newbie navigating the Houston events waters. I can't wait to watch and see what happens next, as I know it's going to be awe-inspiring as you continue to build your "House"!!!

I love you!


Dear Jim,

A BIG note of thanks. You have been so helpful. Our appreciation to you for all you have done. 

We will stay in touch. Joaquina and I express great appreciation. 


Kind Regards,

February 23, 2019

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